Mumu Green 100 disposable latex gloves

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– pack of 100 pieces
– natural product
– very flexible
– non-sterile
– with a folded edge
– resistant to many acids and bases
– excellent sensitivity to touch
– perfectly fit the hand
– meet the standards EN 420, EN374, EN455, CE 2841
– Manufacturer: Mumu

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Latex disposable gloves

Powder-free and powdered latex gloves are one of the most popular protective gloves. They are flexible and thin, so they fit the hand very well. Latex gloves are mainly used in medicine, nursing, gastronomy, cosmetics industry and crafts. They are most often used by doctors and diagnosticians because they effectively protect against bacteria and viruses. Latex gloves are made of natural raw material, therefore they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable

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Latex gloves

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