Sempercare 200 disposable nitrile gloves

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– pack of 200 pieces
– medical examination gloves
– non-sterile
– disposable
– with a folded edge
– do not cause allergies
– without powder
– wearing comfort
– resistant to oils and greases
– AQL 1,5
– Opakowanie 100 szt
– meet the standards EN374, EN455, EN420, CE2777
– Manufacturer: Sempercare

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Disposable nitrile gloves as a skin-friendly alternative

Class 1 non-powdered medical nitrile gloves in accordance with EN 374, EN 455, EN 420, CE 2777 with AQL 1 antiviral marking. 5.
Nitrile is extremely flexible and conforms to your hand like a second skin. Therefore, they are very comfortable to wear, optimally transport and let the heat through, so that no heat accumulates and hands create less sweat. Nitrile gloves, unlike many other types of disposable gloves, can be worn for long periods without changing. This product is an alternative to latex gloves, especially for allergy sufferers, because nitrile gloves do not contain appropriate proteins. We recommend nitrile gloves for use in healthcare, patient examination, laboratories and the food industry.

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Nitrile gloves

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